Company Introduction

Cloud & Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience in eco-friendly building consulting,

 ESCO energy saving design consulting, 

energy environment software and hardware system development business, 

and national R&D. 

We also conduct business and research in the field of energy performance evaluation and M&V.



Cloud & Co., Ltd. It is a CI that embodies N in the image of 

a building, emphasizing naming and gives a professional impression with serious blue color.

Business Area

Energy Environment

·Energy management systems

·IoT environmental sensor

·Energy Diagnosis

·Building energy simulation

Solar Photovoltaic

·Solar power design support

·Solar power simulation

Lighting environment

·Wireless IoT lighting

·Basic plan of apartment house Night Landscape

·Night Landscape Simulation

Building Certification

·Green standard for energy and environmental design:G-SEED

·Barrier Free:BF

·Building Energy Efficiency Rating

·Intelligent building System:IBS

Smart Farm

·Indoor environment management

·Energy management system


Patent registration 10-2034638

Patent registration 10-2001975

Patent application 10-2019-0056761

Patent application 10-2018-0169400

Patent application 10-2018-0035236

Trademark application 40-2019-0071111

PCT application PCT/KR2019/010904

Qualifications and Certification

 Direct production verification certificate (Software engineering, Management Information System)

Software enterpriser(Computer related service business, Package software development and supply business)

Building Energy Efficiency Rating Certification Evaluation education completed

Selected technology for energy saving business

 iSBEM and SAP